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This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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In this table, click Online to view the current online manual or click PDF to view or download the PDF of the current manual. For each package, these describe the software version shown in the table.

For PDFs describing earlier software versions, see Encryption PDFs.

S/w versionUser Guide versionOnlinePDF
1.25 - 1.27HCC Embedded Encryption Manager User Guide v1.90 BETAOnlinePDF
1.23HCC Encryption Test Suite User Guide v1.80 BETAOnlinePDF
1.19HCC Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) User Guide v1.70 BETAOnlinePDF
1.00HCC Base64 Encoding-Decoding Algorithm User Guide v1.00Pending
1.08 1.09HCC Digital Signature Standard (DSS) User Guide v1.50 BETAOnlinePDF
1.08HCC Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) User Guide v1.10 BETAOnlinePDF
1.08HCC Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman (EDH) Algorithm User Guide v1.50 BETAOnlinePDF
1.02HCC IPsec NULL Crypto Driver User Guide v1.00OnlinePDF
1.09 - 1.10HCC Message Digest Algorithm 5 (MD5) User Guide v1.50 BETAOnlinePDF
2.01 - 2.02HCC RSA Signature Algorithm User Guide v1.40 BETAOnlinePDF
1.08 - 1.09HCC Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) User Guide v1.40 BETAOnlinePDF
1.03HCC Tiger Hash Algorithm User Guide v1.00 BETAOnlinePDF
1.08 - 1.09HCC Triple Data Encryption Standard User Guide v1.30 BETAOnlinePDF