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The ESMTP module uses the SMTP and (optionally) SSL protocols to send email from a NicheStack client application to standard email servers on the Internet such as those provided by Yahoo and Google. It could connect to a localized private email server, as long as that server uses the SMTP protocol and follows standard email conventions.

The porting engineer must provide an email application that collects the information required for an email (from, to, data, etc.) and passes that information to ESMTP via calls to the various APIs provided by InterNiche's ESMTP.

A typical use of ESMTP would be to send periodic reports and status messages from various applications. However, depending on the needs of your application, the ESMTP APIs could be used to send complex emails with multiple senders and recipients and multiple attachments of various types.

InterNiche's ESMTP only transmits email, it does not provide incoming email.