History: fs_fat_chkdsk

1.1 (2020-05-12, 11:34):
    - Always use malloc()/free() and ignores USE_MALLOC setting of config_fat.h
    - Added the option to log changes to console as well.
    - Bugfix: if root directory of a FAT32 volume contained more clusters,
      chkdsk handled it incorrectly, as it saved directory content to a 'LOST' 
    - Bugfix: duplicated files were not handled. Duplicated short filenames
      are renamed. Duplicated long file entries are removed and short name
      is kept.
    - Bugfix: redundant '.' and '..' entries are removed.

1.0r4 (2018-08-29, 18:30):
    - Document HTML link added to the documentation folder
    - History and document files renamed to the package name

    - Initial version under new source-tree. It comes from v3.73 in the old
    source tree.