History: nw_drv_eth_zynq

This page describes all changes made to the nw_drv_eth_zynq package, Network driver for Xilinx ZYNQ Gigabit Ethernet, since its release.


1.2 (2018-02-01, 10:30):

  • Reworked the driver's memory barrier management so proper DMA operation and mutual exclusion between API calls and ISR are guaranteed. Rarely the driver's Tx path could get stuck before this fix.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Global interrupt enabling removed from drivers start function as it is expected to be done on the application level.

1.1 (2018-01-17, 18:03):

  • Tx error detection corrected

1.0 (2017-12-21, 16:01):

  • Initial release