This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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The HCC Embedded Command Line Interpreter (CLI) provides a command line for users of HCC products. It provides a set of commands similar to those in the Windows Command Interpreter (also known as "the command prompt" or "the DOS prompt"). HCC provides a set of standard commands and you can add your own commands as required. Each command has user help and these elements are configurable.

The commands provided by HCC include commands to change the working directory, rename/delete files, format a volume, read memory content, and run file system tests.

You add your own commands by inserting these into the command table sos_ins[] in the cmd.c file. You then add the required functions to the file. Finally, you should insert help for each of your commands.

Other features of the CLI are as follows:

  • It handles command history, making it easy to review and repeat past commands.
  • It has an autocomplete feature, meaning there is no need to type commands and filenames in full.

The output from the CLI must be displayed on a terminal. The procedure for setting this up is described.