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  • General Development Guidelines

This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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Code Modification

You should not modify any files in the hcc directory, except for the following:

  • Files in the hcc/src/config directory, to configure your platform.
  • Files in the hcc/src/psp directory, to meet the requirements of your specific platform.

In order to access all HCC modules, your application only needs to include files from the hcc/src/api directory.

Project Identification

All HCC projects and package deliveries are assigned a unique ID that is the reference for you to use. This is sent to you by email when the project is started by HCC.

This Project ID directly links your delivery with the HCC source code and project management system. It takes the form 10-xx-xxx-n, where:

  • xx-xxx is your unique customer identifier.
  • n is your unique project identifier.

It is important to include this Project ID in all correspondence to enable HCC to provide the most efficient and accurate support.

Note: If you have any problems contact, including the Project ID (provided in the delivery) in the Subject line.