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This page describes all changes made to the usbh_drv_vusb package, the USB VUSB Host Controller, since its release.


1.10 (2017-12-20, 12:39):

    - Device disconnection could cause endless loop when driver is used without an OS.

1.9 (2017-09-29, 00:07):

    - Driver freeze at heavy OUT traffic fixed.


 - Fixed interrupt transfers' handling in RTOS mode.

 - Device disconnection during heavy traffic could freeze the driver.

 - Added configuration option ONE_NAK_PER_FRAME, providing support to lower interrupt load on communication with bulk endpoints.


 - Internally allocated memory with util_hcc_mem released from vusbuh_delete().


 - Two cases of enumeration's hangup were eliminated: aligned buffers released and transfers closed when device disconnected.

 - Use of aligned buffers can be switched off to save code space.

 - Compiler-dependent #pragma was eliminated.


 - updated to work with USB host base major version 3.


 - mutex handling removed from vusbuh_start_tfr() as it is done in the caller.

 - debug code removed.

 - vusbuh_del_daddr() fixed.

 - call of vusbuh_usbcontroller_init() and vusbuh_hub_init() moved to vusbuh_start() to support OTG operation.

 - ISR deleted from vusbuh_stop() to support OTG operation.

 - psp function calls renamed to psp_usbh_vusb_*.


 - warnings fixed.


 - DMA alignment issue fixed: usbh_vusb.c now uses hcc-mem to allocate aligned buffer for IN transfers.


 - vusb modified.


 - Initial version.