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This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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Use the tables on this page to view or download the PDF of a current manual, or a PDF that describes an earlier software version.

The manuals for the TCP base systems are listed first, followed by the TCP Application manuals in alphabetical order.

TCP Base

HCC TCP/IP Dual Stack System User Guide (IPv4 and IPv6)

HCC TCP User Guide

HCC TCP/IP Sockets Interface User Guide

HCC UDP User Guide

TCP/IP Applications

The manuals for TCP Applications are listed below in alphabetical order.

HCC DHCP Client for IPv4 User Guide

HCC DHCP Client for IPv6 User Guide

HCC DHCP Server User Guide

HCC DHCP Server for IPv4 User Guide

S/w versionUser Guide version
1.03 - 1.05HCC DHCP Server for IPv4 User Guide v1.00

HCC DNS User Guide

HCC FTP Server User Guide

HCC HTTP Client User Guide

Note: The title was changed from HTTPS Secure Client User Guide to HTTP Client User Guide.

HCC HTTP Server User Guide

The current version of this manual is 1.50, describing software version 3.11. Use this page to view or download the appropriate manual for an earlier software version. (The guide was renamed at version 1.60, though it still references HTTPS.)

HCC MQTT Client User Guide

HCC NTP Client User Guide

HCC Point to Point Protocol User Guide

S/w versionUser guide version
1.12 - 1.14HCC Point to Point Protocol User Guide v1.10

HCC SNTP Client User Guide

HCC TFTP User Guide

TCP Test Suites

HCC TCP Test Suite User Guide

HCC UDP Test Suite User Guide

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