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Set the system configuration options in the file src/config/config_ftl_nand_mt29fxg08_ecc.h. This section lists the available options and their default values.


The NAND ID. The default is ( ( 0x2C << 0 ) | ( 0xDC << 8 ) | ( 0x90 << 16 ) | ( 0x95 << 24 ) ).


The number of erasable blocks in the target flash array. The default is 4096.


The data area in bytes available on one page. The default is 2048.


The total size of the page, including the data and spare areas. The default is 2112.


The number of pages per erasable block. The default is 64.


The number of free blocks. The value must not exceed MDRIVER_FTL_MAX_FREE_BLOCKS. The default is 99.


The number of log blocks. The default is 6; do not set it below this.


The number of blocks used for mapping in the system.  The default is 2. The valid range is 1 to 16.


The number of map shadow blocks. The default is 2.

The system may be more efficient if more map shadow blocks are used, but each additional block reduces the number of free blocks in the system.


The number of reserved blocks, the blocks at the start of the flash area that driver should not use. The default is 0.


The maximum value that the difference between the maximum and minimum wear count can be. The default is 1024.


The number of merge operations allowed before static wear checking must be run. The default is 128.


The number of normal read/write operations allowed before a rewrite check must be run. The default is 512.


Set this to 1 to enable driver testing. The default is 0.


There are two settings:

  • 0 - ECC switching is not supported. It is switched on/off at time of manufacture and cannot be changed by software. Example: MT29F2G08ABAGAxx.
  • 1 (the default) - ECC can be switched on/off by using the software (see Feature Address 90h, Array Operation Mode).