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This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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Set the µ-velOSity™ configuration options in the file src/config/config_oal_os.h. This section lists the available options and their default values.

Note: Set systemwide configuration options in the base package's configuration file; these allow you to disable certain functions or sets of functions. See the HCC OS Abstraction Layer (Base) User Guide for details.


The tick rate in ms. The default is 10.


By default these priorities are respectively 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10.


OAL_EVENT_FLAG's usage depends on the type of event system an RTOS uses. There are two types:

  • Event groups are supported independently of everything else in the system. In this case OAL_EVENT_FLAG does not matter.
  • Each event group is directly controlled by a specific task. In this case all HCC stack internal events use the OAL_EVENT_FLAG as the event flag to set on the tasks event group. None of the tasks invoking HCC API calls should use OAL_EVENT_FLAG for signalling an event. 

 The default is 0x100.