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This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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This section describes all the source code files included in the system. These files follow the HCC Embedded standard source tree system, described in the HCC Source Tree Guide. All references to file pathnames refer to locations within this standard source tree, not within the package you initially receive.

Note: Do not modify any files except the configuration files.

API Header Files

These files are in the directory src/api:

api_thin.hThis should be included by any application using the system.  For details of the functions, see Application Programming Interface.
api_thin_test.hThis defines the test setup. For details, see Test Routines.

Configuration Files

These files in the directory src/config contain all the configurable parameters of the system. Configure these as required. For details of these options, see Configuration Options.

config_thin.hContains the configurable system parameters.
config_thin_test.hContains the configurable test parameters.

Version File

The file src/version/ver_thin.h contains the version number of this module. This version number is checked by all modules that use this module to ensure system consistency over upgrades.

Test File

The test code is in the file src/fat_thin/test/test.c. For details, see Test Routines.

THIN File System

These files are in the directory src/fat_thin/common. These files should only be modified by HCC.

dir.cDirectory handling functions without long filenames.
dir.hHeader file for short filename directory functions.
dir_lfn.cDirectory handling functions with long filenames.
dir_lfn.hHeader file for long filename directory functions.
drv.cLow level driver interface functions.
drv.hHeader file for low level driver interface functions.
f_rtos.cRTOS functions.
f_rtos.hHeader file for RTOS functions.
fat.cFAT file system general functions.
fat.hHeader file for FAT file system general functions.
file.cFile manipulation functions.
file.hHeader file for file manipulation functions.
util.cGeneral utility functions.
util.hHeader file for general utility functions.
util_lfn.cGeneral utility functions for long filenames.
util_lfn.hHeader file for general utility functions for long filenames.
util_sfn.cGeneral utility functions for short filenames.
util_sfn.hHeader file for general utility functions for short filenames.
volume.cVolume manipulation functions.
volume.hHeader file for volume manipulation functions.