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This section describes all the source code files included in the system. These files follow the HCC Embedded standard source tree system, described in the HCC Source Tree Guide. All references to file pathnames refer to locations within this standard source tree, not within the package you initially receive.

Note: Do not modify any of these files except the configuration file and PSP files.

API Header File

The file src/api/api_usbh_renesas.h is the only file that should be included by an application using this module. It declares the usbh_renesas_hc() function. For details, see Starting the Host Controller.

Configuration File

The file src/config/config_usbh_renesas.h contains all the configurable parameters. Configure these as required. For details of these options, see Configuration Options.

Source Code

The source code files are in the directory src/usb-host/usb-driver/renesas. These files should only be modified by HCC.

renesas.cSource file for Renesas code.
renesas.hHeader file for Renesas public functions.
renesas_hc.cSource file for the Renesas HC descriptor.
renesas_hc.hHC descriptor header file.
renesas_hub.cSource file for Renesas hub.
renesas_hub.hHeader file for Renesas hub public functions.
renesas_hw.hHeader file for Renesas hardware-specific functions.

Version File

The file src/version/ver_usbh_renesas.h contains the version number of this module. This version number is checked by all modules that use this module to ensure system consistency over upgrades.

Platform Support Package (PSP) Files

There are three sets of files, in directories named src/psp_rx63/targetsrc/psp_s5d9/target and src/psp_sh7269/target. These provide functions and elements the core code may need to use, depending on the hardware.


  • These are PSP implementations for the specific microcontroller and board; you may need to modify these to work with a different microcontroller and/or development board. See PSP Porting for details.
  • In the package these files are offset to avoid overwriting an existing implementation. Copy them to the root hcc directory for use.

The files are as follows:

config/config_usbh_renesas.hConfiguration file with appropriate values for the device (absent from psp_s5d9).
target/include/hcc_xxxx_regs.hRegister definitions.
target/usb-host-renesas/psp_usbh_renesas.cFunctions source code.
target/usb-host-renesas/psp_usbh_renesas.hHeader file for functions.

The following version files are used:

ver_psp_reg.hPSP version.
ver_psp_usbh_renesas_hw.hHardware version.