NOR Flash Driver Tab

Use the NOR flash driver tab to calculate parameters for a NOR flash driver file system. The following parameters appear on this tab:

Parameter Description
#define FS_NOR_MAXFILE The maximum number of files that can be open simultaneously on the volume. This option is set in the file config_safe_nor.h.
#define FS_MAX_CACHEDE The maximum number of cacheable directory entries. This is defined in the file api_safe.h.
#define FS_MAXPATHNAME The maximum length of a pathname. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
#define USE_TASK_SEPARATED_CWD Select 1 to give every task its own current working directory. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
#define F_FILE_CHANGED_EVENT Select 1 to call a callback function when a file state changes. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
#define HCC_UNICODE Select 1 to allow use of Unicode characters in file and path names. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
#define FS_MAXDENAME The maximum size of a name in a base directory entry. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
#define CRCONFILES Select 1 to enable CRC protection on files. This option is set in the file config_safe.h.
sizeof(oal_mutex_t) The size of the oal_mutex_t structure in bytes, if an RTOS is used.
flash>maxblock The number of erasable data blocks (not descriptor blocks) that are available for file storage.
flash>blocksize The physical block size to use in the file storage area. This is an erasable unit of the flash chip. All blocks in the file storage area must be the same size.
flash>sectorsize The sector size for file allocation. Each block is divided into a number of sectors. The sector size is the smallest usable unit in the system so is the minimum file storage area. To make best use of the flash blocks, the sector size must be a power of two.
flash>descsize The size of a descriptor block. This is the maximum size of FAT+directory+block index. This may differ from blocksize.
flash>cacheddescsize The descriptor write cache size inside the descriptor block. This number must be less than descsize, since the cache is allocated in the descriptor block. If you do not want to use the descriptor write cache, set this to zero.

Do the following:

  1. Enter the parameter values.
  2. Click Calculate. The results are displayed as shown below:
  3. Make any required changes and click Calculate again. You can repeat this as many times as required.