HCC Documentation Guidelines

Readers of any HCC document should take note of the following guidelines.


These user guides are intended for use by embedded software engineers who have a good knowledge of the C programming language and standard APIs.


Documents are available in two formats: as web pages on this site, and as PDF files which can be opened from this website. Although the content of the two is normally identical, the web pages may sometimes contain recent updates which are not yet in the PDF.

You can download the current PDF of any manual, or a PDF relating to an earlier version of the software, by following the link on its Change History page. 

When you read a document on the web, use the Contents list to navigate within it. At the base of this and in the page footer, "page turner" arrows give quick access to the previous/next pages.

Pending Documents

Documents whose titles appear in black rather than blue are awaiting release.


Although every attempt has been made to make the system as simple to use as possible, developers must understand fully the requirements of the systems they are designing in order to get the best practical benefit from the system. HCC Embedded has made strenuous efforts to test and verify the correctness of its products, but it remains the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that these products meet the developer's requirements.

About HCC Embedded

HCC Embedded has been supplying professional middleware to the embedded industry for more than a decade. Our software is ‘white labeled’ by many of the industry’s leading RTOS companies and is deployed in thousands of successful and innovative applications.

HCC Embedded is focused entirely on embedded communications and storage. In order to effectively deploy our software, we have created an advanced embedded framework that enables our software to easily drop into any environment, regardless of processor, tools or RTOS.

Getting Help

HCC Embedded has a dedicated development team with vast experience of developing embedded systems. HCC Embedded is always interested in porting or developing its systems for new environments.

Technical questions can be directed to support@hcc-embedded.com.

For custom development work or porting, please contact sales@hcc-embedded.com.