History: enc_test

This page describes all changes made to the enc_test package, Encryption Test Suite, since its release.


1.25 (2020-11-25, 12:00):

  • Added new test step for hash stateful drivers (finalize is tested for data > 0).
  • Added missing GCM test.

1.24 (2020-03-16, 12:30):

  • Corrected GCM mult test to use 128 bit values.

1.23r2 (2018-08-29, 18:19):

  • Document HTML link added to the documentation folder.
  • History and document files renamed to the package name.

1.23 (2018-07-18, 12:00)

  • Corrected buffer assign tests for big endian mode.

1.22 (2018-01-31, 15:00):

  • Moved driver specific tests to the drivers implementation.

1.21 (2017-09-18, 13:00):

  • Added tests for AES CCM, AES CCM 8.

1.20r2 (2017-06-08, 09:00):

  • Updated history file with release date.

1.20 (2017-06-06, 13:00):

  • Added test for AES GCM.
  • Added test for MD4.
  • Added tests for Galois field add, multiply (GCM version).


  • Added test for AES CMAC.
  • corrected stateful encryption test.


  • Added test for AES 192 RAW.


  • Changed tests for MD5/SHA HASH and HMAC to test stateful behavior. Functions are executed over partial data (chunk size of 1 byte to input size).


  • Added tests for AES CFB encryption and decryption.


  • Added tests for TIGER hash and TIGER HMAC.


  • Added new tests for Inverse_modulo.
  • Added new tests for sbn_add() (checks carry bit related error).
  • Added test for shifting big number left/right by 1 to 256 bits.


  • Added new test for RSA that makes use of RSA CRT (private key with CRT information).


  • Added new tests for big number division.


  • Increased output buffer for Big numbers tests to 260 (needed by shift left operation).


  • Added test for shr/shl for numbers less than 4 bytes.
  • Added test for ECDH, ECDSA.


  • Added test for checking RSA signature with 4096 bit key.
  • Added test for checking if driver correctly handles invalid input data length if algorithm has restriction of input data length.


  • Added test for checking big number addition (to check corrected handling of carry bit).


  • Added tests AES-XCBC-MAC.
  • Added tests SHA1-HMAC, SHA1-HMAC-96.
  • Added tests MD5-HMAC, MD5-HMAC-96.


  • Added tests AES CTR, SEA RAW.
  • Added tests for SHA256, SHA512.
  • Added tests for TDES RAW, DES RAW.
  • Moved tests of each driver to separate file (test_aes, test_sha, ...).
  • Added output buffer length check ( functions are checked if they fail when output buffer length is smaller by 1 than expected ).


  • Corrected boundary test for decryption.
  • Added new tests to AES.
  • Driver init functions changed to macros which are defined in config_enc_test.h, to easily change driver used for current test.


  • Code simplification.
  • psp_syserr() is now always an infinite loop.
  • removed test checking if big number function check alignment and big number size.
  • added boundary test for drivers.
  • Corrected false use test for ENC_DRVTEST_TEST_ENDECRYPT test.


  • Code Review changes.
  • Added new tests for SHA1, SHA256, MD5.


  • Changes to make module work in Big Endian architecture.


  • Added tests for big numbers.


  • Initial release.