History: fs_fat_fmw

This page describes all changes made to the fs_fat_fmw package, FAT File Multiple Write (FMW), since its release.


1.8 (2021-01-22, 09:40):

  • Adapted to FAT major version 10: encryption API has changed.
  • Potential compilation warning fixed.
  • Opening a non-existing encrypted file failed as it was tried to be opened in "w+" mode which is not supported for encrypted files.
  • Corrected function headers.

1.7 (2020-11-26, 15:10):

  • Bugfix: successful f_open()/f_wopen() could return NULL pointer.

1.6 (2020-10-12, 09:21):

  • FMW functions with filehandle input could return F_ERR_NOTOPEN if non-zero drive index is used and volume was deleted with files left opened.

1.5 (2020-09-15, 09:45):

  • File offset variable can be configured by user through use of USE_LONG_LONG_OFFSET.

1.4 (2020-06-23, 11:24):

  • FMW header file is omitted if FMW is disabled.

1.3 (2020-05-27, 14:29):

  • Implemented f_wopen_enc().
  • Bugfix: f_read() and f_write() returned 0 instead of successfully read/written data in case of error.
  • Bugfix: f_wopen() could not open the same file if r+ was after w/w+,  first file handle kept opened and file did not exist before opening. File operations returned F_ERR_NOTOPEN for r+ opened file.

1.2 (2020-05-07, 13:58):

  • Bugfix: error could be missed in fmw_read(), fmw_write(), fmw_getc(), and fmw_putc().

1.1 (2020-04-21, 13:30):

  • Initial release.