History: fs_safe_nor_drv_cfi_sfdp_spi

This page describes all changes made to the fs_safe_nor_drv_cfi_sfdp_spi package, SafeFLASH NOR Driver for CFI and SFDP SPI Flash, since its release.


1.12 (2020-02-05, 19:32):

  • Added full QSPI support (including QPI).

1.11r2 (2019-11-18, 16:04):

  • Added QSPI reference PSP for Nucleo-F722ZE board.

1.11 (2019-10-10, 17:01):

  • Added enable QSPI mode in flash chip.
  • Added reset wait time
  • QSPI supports 1-1-4 mode (1 line command and address, 4 lines data)

1.10r2 (2018-08-29, 18:27):

  • Document HTML link added to the documentation folder.
  • History and document files renamed to the package name.

1.10 (2018-02-01, 10:41):

  • Added  QSPI support.


  • Compiler warning was eliminated.


  • Now supports SST26VF032x serial NOR flash.


  • Blocks of the media can be merged, allowing use of a larger block size in the file system.


  • Micron 128Mb NOR Flash support added.


  • Changed includes for CAPI compatibility.


  • Use of NOR_BLOCKSTART parameter was fixed.
  • NOR_CMD_ERASE configuration was introduced, which is used if neither CFI nor SFDP is supported by the flash chip.
  • NOR_PAGE_PER_BLOCK configuration was removed as it was unused.
  • Descriptor's size cannot be greater than block's size as it is unsupported by the driver.


  • nor_verify_flash() worked incorrectly in case only part of the flash had to be checked.
  • NOR_BLOCKSTART config parameter wasn't handled correctly.


  • Updated to work with PSP_SPI major version 3.


  • Initial release.