History: fs_sthin

This page describes all changes made to the fs_sthin package, SuperTHIN File System, since its release.



  • Compiler warnings removed.


  • Incorrect comment updated in api_sthin_test.h.


  • Missing function fr_seteof() was added. Missing file api_sthin_test.h was added.


  • Seek beyond end of file didn't work correctly if the offset was not multiple of sector size or if the file was empty.
  • Seek beyond end of file or writing in sector units didn't work correctly.
  • Seeking test extended to validate seeking/writing on sector boundaries.
  • Eliminated warnings in the test suite and prints line number instead of a test index in case of an error.
  • Introduced configuration file for the test suite.


  • THIN and STHIN separated
  • f_rtos.c only compiled when RTOS_SUPPORT is enabled
  • API cleaned up

/* Versions in original thin.txt */


  • f_initvolume(): media driver parameter added as the second parameter.


  • STHIN: Low-level driver init function added as parameter to fn_initvolume().
  • Test suite updated: _f_dump(), _f_result() and _f_poweron() functions were moved to psp/target/fat_thin/psp_test.c.


  • Added low-level driver init function as parameter to fn_initvolume().
  • Called low-levels release() from fn_delvolume().


  • psp_mem() functions used.
  • getserial added to THIN.
  • seteof parameter made consistent.
  • port.c removed.


  • >4GB support added.


  • Initial release.