History: ip_app_dns

This page describes all changes made to the ip_app_dns package, DNS client, since its release.


3.12 (2021-03-02, 10:40):

  • Removed unused variables from dns_host_name_flush().

3.11 (2020-05-26, 14:30):

  • IPv6 response processing disabled if IPv6 is disabled.
  • String copy size issue fixed in dns_get_entry() and dns_get_new_entry(). The copy could miss the zero terminator, leading to unpredictable behavior with the requested host name.
  • Unreachable codes were removed.
  • Compiler warnings were eliminated.

3.10 (2019-11-27, 11:00):

  • Canonical names are compared case-insensitively.
  • Added dns_host_name_flush() to flush only single entry.

3.9r2 (2018-08-29, 18:25):
    - Document HTML link added to the documentation folder
    - History and document files renamed to the package name

3.9 (2017-10-04, 13:45):

  • udp_open() call changed to match new API.
  • Compiler warnings were eliminated.

3.8 (2017-08-16, 15:50):

  • dns_host_name_to_address() returns DNS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM in case where host name is too long (longer than IP_MAX_FQDN_SIZE).


  • Corrected server index handling when creating a child entry.
  • Corrected twice message compression (RFC1035 4.1.4).
  • Corrected task update when a CNAME was resolved as NFOUND.


  • Corrected mechanism for getting DNS server IP addresses (now it checks all Interface configuration).
  • Added check for unspecified DSN server address.
  • dns_build_query() returns error if it fails to resolve IP address.
  • removed IP address reset when detected that address cannot be resolved.
  • Updated searching of free entries. Currently entries with status DNS_ST_EMPTY are picked first, if there are multiple entries with the same expiration time.


  • Corrected handling of DNS_IPADDR_ANY flag.


  • Corrected wrong value returned by dns_host_name_to_address() when found DNS entry was in DNS_ST_WAITRESP.


  • Corrected uninitialized value of variable dns_addr in dns_query().
  • Corrected compilation warnings.


  • Corrected dns_delete() return value.


  • API parameter ip_address type was changed to t_ip_addr.
  • updated to work with IP base major version 6.
  • updated to work with UDP major version 6.


  • updated to work with IP base major version 5.


  • updated to work with UDP major version 5.


  • required package version checks added.


  • warning removed (incorrect zero length array from a structure removed).


  • make use of the modified udp_get_buf() function.


  • removed needless socket_api header file include.
  • changed to use new udp_send() function.
  • needless error code removed (DNS_ERR_NO_DATA).
  • return DNS_WAIT from dns_host_name_to_address() if the query was sent instead of DNS_SUCCESS.


  • multi-interface support added.


  • extra ',' from enumeration removed.


  • Initial release.