History: ip_eapol_base

This page describes all changes made to the ip_eapol_base package, EAPOL Base, since its release.


2.5 (2021-04-07, 14:45)

  • Added exclusion for include of api_enc if EAPOL_CLIENT_PMK_ENABLE is disabled.
  • Disabled MKA and Relay in template configuration.

 2.4r2 (2021-03-08, 18:00):

  • Changed default value of EAPOL_MKA_ENABLE to 0 in config_ip_eapol.h to avoid compilation error if EAPoL MKA package is not included.

2.4 (2021-01-15, 14:00)

  • Separated Client and Relay from EAPOL base package.

2.3 (2020-06-24, 12:15)

  • Added option EAPOL_COPT_MSK_EN to disable get for MSK, for cases it is not needed or used method does not provide it.
  • Corrected releasing of received frames (Fixed issue: receiving a frame before current was handled resulted in frame being not released).
  • Corrected enabling of EAPOL CLIENT.

2.2 (2020-06-12, 09:45)

  • Added clearing of g_eapol_cli_config.eolcg_npck_cb.

2.1 (2019-10-11, 15:00):

  • Added Reauthentication if EAPO client is in IDLE mode and we receive EAP identify packet.
  • Added prescaler reset at EAPOL client initialization.
  • Added acceptance for packets send to a multicast address when Client also sends to a multicast address.

2.0 (2018-09-18, 12:00):

  • Added The KMD ID to the API functions.

1.7(2018-04-05, 15:00):

  • Added EAPOL_ROPT_RELAY_IFC option to set and get eapol_relay.

1.6(2018-01-17, 09:30):

  • Added callback mechanism for receiving non EAP packet frames by the user.

1.5(2017-11-21, 11:45)r3:

  • Updated info file with correct dependencies.

1.5(2017-11-21, 08:20)r2:

  • Added design file.

1.5(2017-11-14, 12:00):

  • Changed format of UDP Relay datagram. Now it contains only the source address of supplicant.

1.4(2017-10-19, 15:00):

  • Client: eapol_cli_hdl_data decides if message should be handled by it (source address is compared with EAPOL next hop address) otherwise it is passed to relay.
  • Relay: Added option EAPOL_ROPT_AUTH_ADDR to setup Authenticator MAC address.
  • Relay: Relay datagram EUI destination address is set to Authenticator MAC address.
  • Relay: EAPOL frames source address is set to host MAC address.
  • Removed releasing of buffer in case of error in eapol_send_buf() (it was already released by calling function).

1.3(2017-10-13, 14:10):

  • Messages which come from Authenticator MAC address are now forwarded to Client other messages are forwarded to Relay.
  • Added new option EAPOL_OPT_AUTH_ADDR to setup Authenticator MAC address for EAPOL.

1.2(2017-10-05, 12:00):

  • EAPOL Relay: fixed compilation warning messages.
  • EAPOL Relay: added optional filtering of incoming EAPOL frames.
  • EAPOL Client: added configuration setting for maximal EAPOL packet size.

1.1(2017-10-03, 12:00):

  • Initial release.