History: ip_eapol_client

This page describes all changes made to the ip_eapol_client package, EAPOL Client, since its release.


1.4 (2021-04-08, 10:40):

  • Added EAPOL_CLIENT_PMK_ENABLE to disable use of Encryption Manager module.
  • Fixed compilation warning about cast extending alignment requirements.

1.3 (2021-02-11, 8:35):

  • Added variable to store peer MAC address which is needed by MKA protocol.

1.2 (2021-02-11, 12:45):

  • Added support for automatic swapping of destination address when we are addressed directly by authenticator.

1.1 (2021-01-15, 14:00):

  • Separated Client from EAPoL base package.