History: media_drv_ftl_nand_gpmc_8b

This page describes all changes made to the media_drv_ftl_nand_gpmc_8b package, the FTL NAND Media Driver for S34MLxxG1, S34MLxxG2 and MX30LF1G18 with AM335x and ECC, since its release.


1.3 (2020-12-17, 15:00):

  • Package renamed from media_drv_ftl_s34mlxg1_8b_gpmc  to media_drv_ftl_nand_gpmc_8b.
  • Added 4-bit BCH ECC correction.
  • Added config option to switch between 1-bit Hamming and 4-bit BCH4 ECC error correction.
  • Added config option to handle write disturbance tolerance for erased pages.


  • 8-bit BCH ECC correction is used to read-write the reserved area.


  • Initial revision.