History: media_drv_ftl_nor_base

This page describes all changes made to the media_drv_ftl_nor_base package, the FTL NOR Base Flash Driver, since its release.


3.5 (2021-03-29, 20:00):

  • Fixed non-safe erase mode operation.

3.4 (2021-03-29, 11:30):

  • Added Safe erase ability. With this option interrupted, erase cycles are completed after power-on. In order to enable this feature the low-level driver needs to set sz_erase_area in the NOR phy structure (t_ftl_nor_phy) to the size of the area that is impacted by the interrupted erase (some NOR flashes might provide incorrect data at read in an area impacted by an interrupted erase cycle). By default this option is disabled.
  • Introduced ftl_nor_format() function to be able to do a low-level format of the NOR flash. This function is only required for flashes with safe erase option enabled, as the management blocks required for safe erase are hidden from the FTL. Consequently an FTL format or erase will not initialize these management blocks.

3.3r2 (2018-08-29, 18:18):

  • Document HTML link added to the documentation folder.
  • History and document files renamed to the package name.


  • Works with media_drv_ftl_base v5.3.


  • Works with media_drv_ftl_base v5.x.


  • Works with media_drv_ftl_base v4.1. The version change forces upgrade of old ftl_nor drivers which will need to support new MDRIVER_FTL_IDLE_ERASE switch.


  • Compiler warnings were eliminated (warnings occurred in 16-bit environment).


  • Size of temporary page buffer can be configured in config_mdriver_ftl_nor.h.


  • Check of VER_MDRIVER_FTL_MINOR removed from config_mdriver_ftl_nor.c.


  • ftlnor replaced with ftl_nor everywhere.


  • ftl_nor.c checks only VER_MDRIVER_FTL_MAJOR.


  • Initial release, api_mdriver_ftlnor.h contains the FTL-NOR interface which needs to be implemented by low-level NOR drivers.