History: nw_drv_eth_tse

This page describes all changes made to the nw_drv_eth_ti_emac package, Network Driver for Triple Speed Ethernet IP core interfaced to Intel NIOS II CPU, since its release.


1.8 (2021-02-09, 15:00):

  • Updated to work with nw_drv_base v5.6.
  • Warnings removed.

1.7 (2020-07-15, 15:20)

  • Separated psp_tse_eth_start_receive() function into psp_tse_eth_add_buf() and psp_tse_eth_start_receive() to fill the DMA descriptor from add_buf and then start the receive separately (eg. from the interrupt).
  • Introduced psp_tse_eth_receive() function to be able to convert between DMA<->CPU addresses in the PSP.
  • Added PSP_TSE_ETH_BUFFER_CACHED configuration option to PSP config file to be able to switch on/off data cache for ETH buffer.

1.6 (2020-07-13, 15:00)

  • tse_eth_drv_start() calls eth_phy_set_mode() after eth_phy_reset() to set up the PHY to start an auot-negotiation process when the cable is connected.
  • tse_drv_rf_timer() PHY link status handling logic was modified to process "CONNECTED" or "DISCONNECTED" states.

1.5 (2020-06-19, 11:00)

  • Code cleanup.

1.4 (2020-06-18, 14:20)

  • Fixed null pointer issue: PSP init was called with a null pointer.
  • Removed cache related operations, because it is handled in the PSP.
  • Moved all HW related functionality to PSP to be able to use the Altera driver.
  • PSP_ISR is used to install/enable/disable DMA interrupts.
  • RF timer calls psp_tse_eth_mac_enable/disable() instead of calling psp_tse_eth_start().
  • RF timer polls link status and starts auto-negotiation in a non-blocking way.
  • Received frame status is properly reported in tse_eth_drv_receive(). 
  • Removed unused code and configuration options    

1.3 (2019-09-25, 16:43):

  • Improvements related to accidental packet loss issue.

1.2 (2019-08-28, 13:06):

  • Link status detected properly now.

1.1 (2019-08-10, 01:37):

  • Initial revision. Known issues:
    • Fails to receive fragmented UDP frames.
    • Only two Rx DMA descriptor and one Tx DMA descriptor can exist.
    • Performance issue: max. 640 kB/sec is achievable.
    • Driver and PSP cleanup needed.