History: usbd_drv_renesas20

This page describes all changes made to the usbd_drv_renesas20 package, USBD Low Level Driver for Renesas 20, since its release.


2.13 (2021-02-25, 10:39):

  • Fixed issue with Multipacket OUT (Host to Device) transfers.
  • Driver could not handle the case when the host requested the device to do a state transition from configured to not configured state (by sending a SET_CONFIGURATION(0) request). This transition is part of the USB.org Chapter 9 test sequence.
  • Endpoint Halted status reported to the Host was incorrect.
  • Added PSP template for R7FS5D9 devices.

2.12 (2020-04-02, 12:39):

  • Receiving of OUT packets could get stuck if transfer was using multiple packets.

2.11 (2018-06-19, 13:36):

  • Fixed sending of zero-length IN packet.
  • Refactored to comply with coding standard rules.

2.10 (2018-06-04, 09:46):

  • Fixed receiving of zero-length OUT packet: clearing buffer to prevent stopping of receiving.
  • Sending through bulk endpoints could get stuck when device was disconnected.
  • Refactoring to comply with coding standard rules.
  • Added missing OAL_ISR_PRE/OAL_ISR_POST macros to the ISR.


  • Endless loop was fixed that occurred when USB cable was disconnected during receiving data.


  • Fixed hangup that occurred in big endian mode.
  • Bus error was fixed which occurred in big endian and OTG mode when switched between host and device mode.
  • Can be compiled and works on Renesas SH7xxx devices.


  • Implemented Big endian access.


  • Fixed sporadic hangup.


  • Register and interrupt initialization was moved to usbd_start to work in OTG mode.


  • USB VBUS detection added.


  • USB port used can be set in config file.
  • configuration option for USB speed.


  • renamed to renesas20 (Renesas USB 2.0 USB device core).
  • tested with SH7xxx and RX series.


  • new source tree.


  • initial revision.