History: usbh_drv_lms

This page describes all changes made to the usbh_drv_lms package, the USB LMS and T4C Host Controller, since its release.



  • Fast connect/disconnect could cause device0-endpoint0 to become inaccessible, resulting that newly connected devices can't be enumerated.


  • Channels (endpoints) without any pending or succeeded transfer during the actual session could cause channel FIFO collision which resulted in losing the possibility to connect new devices after disconnecting one or more devices.
  • Transfers on numerically last HW channels (endpoints) did not generate transfer interrupt.
  • TM4C1294: number of available HW channels (endpoints) was incorrectly set to 14 IN + 14 OUT instead of 7 IN + 7 OUT.


  • Added support for TM4C1294.
  • Hub port reset was fixed: connecting/disconnecting a device with or without external USB hub caused freezing of port.


  • Added support for LM3S9D92.


  • Initial release.