Implementation Notes

The RTOS elements are implemented as follows.


The configuration option OAL_EVENT_COUNT defines the maximum number of events available for HCC modules.


The configuration option OAL_MUTEX_COUNT defines the maximum number of mutexes available for HCC modules.

Mutexes are solved with resources so you must define OAL_FIRST_RESOURCE, the first resource available.

Note: HCC modules need OAL_MUTEX_COUNT resources, so you must not use any resource between OAL_FIRST_RESOURCE and OAL_FIRST_RESOURCE+OAL_MUTEX_COUNT-1.


There are no rules governing tasks. If OAL_TASK_DELETE_SELF is set (the default), task deletion is performed from the task.


The platform ISR is used.

The configuration option OAL_ISR_COUNT is required for the platforms only when a header and a footer is required around the real ISR. In this case it should define the maximum number of interrrupts in all HCC modules.


As the CMX timer is manually configured at startup, the configuration option OAL_TICK_RATE must be specified in ms.