The t_httpc_req_close_cb definition specifies the format of the callback function that is called when all data has been sent by using PUT or POST.

This callback can be used to close a file or to free any other resource.

Note: This function is always called from the same task context as t_httpc_req_open_cb().


typedef t_httpc_ret ( * t_httpc_req_close_cb ) (
    uint16_t                 http_req_hdl,
    const t_httpc_user_hdl   hdl )


Parameter Description Type
http_req_hdl The handle of the current request. uint16_t
hdl The internal handle returned by t_httpc_req_open_cb(). t_httpc_user_hdl

Return Codes

Code Description
HTTPC_SUCCESS Successful execution.
HTTPC_ERR_NOT_FOUND No response entity was found.
HTTPC_ERROR Operation failed.