Error Codes

If a function executes successfully, it returns with HTTPC_SUCCESS. The following table shows the meaning of the error codes.

Note: Check other error code values in the base system by using the HCC TCP/IP Dual Stack System User Guide.

Return Value Value Description
HTTPC_SUCCESS 0 Successful execution.
HTTPC_RETRY 1 Retry later.
HTTPC_ERR_CONN_BUSY 2 The connection is busy; no new requests are possible on it.
HTTPC_ERR_RESOURCE 3 No free HTTP connection is available.
HTTPC_ERR_PARAM 4 Parameter error.
HTTPC_ERROR 5 General error.
HTTPC_REMOTE_CLOSED 6 The remote side closed the connection.

HTTPC_CONN_HDL_INVALID indicates that the connection handle is invalid.