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FAT-based File Systems

In this table, click Online to view the current online manual or click PDF to view or download the PDF of the current manual. For each package, these describe the software version shown in the table.

For PDFs describing earlier software versions, see File System PDFs.

S/w versionUser Guide versionOnlinePDF
8.46 - 8.48HCC FAT and SafeFAT File System User Guide v5.10OnlinePDF
2.17 - 2.21HCC FAT File System Test Suite User Guide v1.40OnlinePDF
1.08HCC FAT and SafeFAT For Linux FUSE Interface to FAT User GuidePending
1.14HCC exFAT and SafeexFAT File System User Guide v1.40OnlinePDF
1.02HCC exFAT and SafeexFAT For Linux FUSE User Guide v1.30OnlinePDF

exFAT and SafeexFAT Test Suite User Guide v1.10

1.01HCC FAT Index User Guide v1.00Pending
5.05HCC SuperTHIN File System User Guide v2.10OnlinePDF
5.05HCC THIN File System User Guide v4.30OnlinePDF