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This is the HCC Embedded Product Documentation.

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Introductory Documents

  • the Source Tree Guide, Firmware Quick Start, Quality Policy, Coding Standard, and Code Integrity Warranty.

eTaskSync OS

  • the eTaskSync task scheduler and its test suite.

OS Abstraction Layer - OAL

  • the OS Abstraction Layer base module, plus numerous packages for specific RTOSes, or no RTOS.

File Systems

  • includes FAT and SafeFAT, SafeFLASH, SuperTHIN, THIN, TINY, and the Common API.

File System Media Drivers

  • the Media Driver Interface and MMC and SD media drivers.

Flash Translation Layer Media Drivers

  • Flash Translation Layer (FTL) media drivers.


  • TCP, UDP, the Sockets interface, the TCP/IP dual stack, and TCP applications.

TLS and DTLS TCPIP Security

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).


  • Embedded Encryption Manager and algorithms (AES, 3DES, DSS/ECDSA, EDH/ECDH, MD5, RSA, SHA and Tiger).

Network Drivers

  • the main network driver, plus network drivers for loopback and for specific devices.

USB Device Stack

  • USB device systems, low level drivers, and class drivers.

USB Host Stack

  • USB host systems, host controllers, and class drivers.


  • HCC provides a full software OTG stack that supports the SRP and HNP protocols.

Platform Support Package - PSP

  • the PSP holds all platform-specific elements and functions.

InterNiche Legacy Documents

  • manuals relating to old InterNiche software.