This guide is for those who wish to implement a RAM driver for HCC's SafeFLASH file system.

The SafeFLASH file system driver design is highly portable while still maintaining excellent performance. The basic device architecture includes a high level driver for each general media type that shares some common properties. This driver handles issues of FAT maintenance, wear leveling, and so on. Implementing a RAM driver for the file system is simple as there is no physical driver associated with the RAM driver.

The following diagram illustrates the structure of the file system software:

RAM drive in HCC's SafeFLASH file system

In this diagram:

  • The main SafeFLASH package provides the file API and intermediate file system. This is described in the HCC SafeFLASH File System User Guide.
  • The RAM driver is the device driver. This guide shows how to add this to the build. Using the available sample drivers as a model, you can create a driver that meets your specific needs.

Note: HCC Embedded offers hardware and firmware development consultancy to assist developers with the implementation of flash file systems.