This guide is for those who want to implement an HCC Embedded SafeFLASH NAND driver for MT29FxG01 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) flash and similar devices from Micron® Technology Inc. This is for use with HCC's SafeFLASH file system.

The following diagram illustrates the structure of the file system software:

SafeFLASH NAND driver for MT29FxG01 SPI

The main SafeFLASH package provides the file API and intermediate file system. This is described in  the HCC SafeFLASH File System User Guide. This design is highly portable and gives excellent performance. The basic device architecture includes a high level driver for each general media type that shares some common properties. This driver handles issues of FAT maintenance, wear leveling, and so on.

Also shown in this diagram are the following:

  • The NAND Flash driver – the device driver for the NAND flash, provided by the base NAND package. This is described in the HCC SafeFLASH File System NAND Drive User Guide
  • The NAND physical handler – provided by this module, this performs the translation between the driver and the physical flash hardware.

Note: HCC Embedded offers hardware and firmware development consultancy to assist developers with the implementation of flash file systems.