Packages and Documents


The table below lists the packages that you need in order to use this module:

Package Description
hcc_base_doc This contains the two guides that will help you get started.
fs_safe_nand The SafeFLASH NAND flash driver.
fs_safe_nand_drv_mt29fxg01_spi The SafeFLASH NAND driver for Micron MT29FxG01 SPI package described in this document.
psp_template_spi The SPI Platform Support Package (PSP).


For an overview of HCC file systems and guidance on choosing a file system, see Product Information on the main HCC website.

Readers should note the points in the HCC Documentation Guidelines on the HCC documentation website.

HCC Firmware Quick Start Guide

This document describes how to install packages provided by HCC in the target development environment. Also follow the Quick Start Guide when HCC provides package updates. 

HCC Source Tree Guide

This document describes the HCC source tree. It gives an overview of the system to make clear the logic behind its organization. 

HCC SafeFLASH File System User Guide

This document describes the base SafeFLASH System.

HCC SafeFLASH File System NAND Drive User Guide

This document describes the SafeFLASH NAND driver that is used with the MT29FxG01 SPI driver.

HCC SafeFLASH NAND Driver for Micron MT29FxG01 SPI User Guide

This is this document.