Device Description

This driver is specifically tested and validated with the MX29GL128F device. In addition, note that:

  • With minor modification, the driver should work with all MX29xxyyyz devices: MX29GL512F, MX29GL512G, MX29GA512F, and MX29GL512E.

This table summarizes the properties of the devices:

Name Description
MX29 Family prefix.
GA,GL,VS GA = Standard Read Access

GL = Page Mode Read Access

VS = Burst mode read access.

128/256/512 Density 128Mb/256Mb/512Mb.

This table shows the density and bus width:

Density 128Mb
Bus Width x8 or x16

The devices also have:

  • 64KW/128KB uniform sector architecture - 128 equal sectors.
  • 16-byte/8-word page read buffer.
  • 64-byte/32-word write buffer.
  • Extra 128-word sector for security.