PSP Porting

The Platform Support Package (PSP) is designed to hold all platform-specific functionality, either because it relies on specific features of a target system, or because this provides the most efficient or flexible solution for the developer.

The module makes use of the following standard PSP functions:

Function Package Component Description
psp_memcmp() psp_base psp_string Compares two blocks of memory.
psp_memcpy() psp_base psp_string Copies a block of memory. The result is a binary copy of the data.

The module makes use of the following PSP functions. These functions are provided by the PSP to perform various tasks. Their design makes it easy for you to port them to work with your hardware solution.

psp_spifi_init() psp_base psp_spi Initializes the device.
psp_spifi_write() psp_base psp_spi Writes to the device.
psp_spifi_erase() psp_base psp_spi Erases part of the device.

The package includes samples in the PSP file src/psp/target/spifi/psp_spifi.c. These functions are described in the following sections.