Error Codes

The table below lists the error codes generated by the API functions.

Error Code Value Meaning
F_INVALID -1 There is an error in the file.
F_NOERR 0 The function was successful.
F_ERR_INVALIDVOLUME 1 No volume found.
F_ERR_INVALIDHANDLE 2 Invalid file handle.
F_ERR_INVALIDOFFSET 3 Invalid offset in file.
F_ERR_INVALIDMODE 4 Invalid open mode.
F_ERR_EOF 5 End of file.
F_ERR_NOTFOUND 6 File not found.
F_ERR_DIRFULL 7 Directory is full.
F_ERR_INVALIDNAME 8 Invalid name.
F_ERR_INVALIDDIR 9 Invalid directory.
F_ERR_OPEN 10 File is already open.
F_ERR_NOTOPEN 11 File not opened, or opened in different mode.
F_ERR_NOTFORMATTED 12 Volume not formatted.
F_ERR_DIFFMEDIA 13 Invalid volume type.
F_ERR_NOMOREENTRY 14 No more entries available.
F_ERR_DUPLICATED 15 Duplicated file name.
F_ERR_NOTEMPTY 16 Trying to remove a non-empty directory.
F_ERR_INVALIDSIZE 17 Buffer size too small (f_getcwd()).
F_ERR_ACCESSDENIED 18 Access is denied.
F_ERR_BUSY 19 System busy, mutex get failure.
F_ERR_CORRUPTED 20 Corrupted file.
F_ERR_LOW_POWER 21 File system in low power mode.
F_ERR_OS 22 OS error.
F_ERROR 23 General error.