This table summarizes the options. For more details on any option, see the sections which follow.

Option Default Description
F_WILDCARD 1 Enables use of wildcards.
QUICK_WILDCARD_SEARCH 0 Enables quick wildcard search.
F_CHECKNAME 1 Check for valid file name characters.
F_CHECKMEDIA 1 Check for different media at startup.
F_DIRECTORIES 1 Enables usage of directories.
F_CHDIR 1 Enables f_chdir().
F_MKDIR 1 Enables f_mkdir().
F_RMDIR 1 Enables f_rmdir().
F_GETCWD 1 Enables f_getcwd().
F_DIR_OPTIMIZE 1 Enables directory storage optimization.
F_FINDING 1 Enables f_findfirst() and f_findnext().
F_FILELENGTH 1 Enables f_filelength().
F_GETTIMEDATE 1 Enables f_gettimedate().
F_SETTIMEDATE 1 Enables f_settimedate().
F_GETFREESPACE 1 Enables f_getfreespace().
F_DELETE 1 Enables f_delete().
F_RENAME 1 Enables f_rename().
F_GETPERMISSION 1 Enables f_getpermission().
F_SETPERMISSION 1 Enables f_setpermission().
F_SEEK_WRITE 1 Enables seeking for write.
F_TRUNCATE 1 Enables f_truncate().
F_LOW_POWER 0 Enables low power support.
SMALL_FILE_OPT 1 Enables small file optimization.
QUICK_FILE_SEARCH 1 Enables quick search.
USE_ECC 0 Enables use of ECC on file management pages.
RTOS_SUPPORT 0 Enables RTOS support.
F_FILE_CHANGED_EVENT 0 Makes a file state change an event.
F_FILE_CHANGED_MAXPATH 64 Maximum path length the file system will handle if long filenames are not used.
F_MAX_OPEN_FILE 2 Maximum number of files that can be open simultaneously.
F_MAX_FILE_NAME_LENGTH 16 Maximum length of a file or directory name.
F_MAX_FILE 32 Maximum number of files in the system.
F_MAX_DIR 16 Maximum number of directories in the system.
F_ATTR_SIZE 1 Size of attribute in bytes (1, 2 or 4).
F_COPY_BUF_SIZE 32 Size of a copy buffer.
F_ATTR_DIR 0x10 Directory attribute (this must be in the F_ATTR_SIZE range).