PSP Porting

The Platform Support Package (PSP) is designed to hold all platform-specific functionality, either because it relies on specific features of a target system, or because this provides the most efficient or flexible solution for the developer.  For full details of its functions and macros, see the HCC Base Platform Support Package User Guide.

The TINY system makes use of the following standard PSP functions:

Function Package Element Description
psp_getcurrenttimedate() psp_base psp_rtc Returns the current time and date. This is used for date and time-stamping files.
psp_memcpy() psp_base psp_string Copies a block of memory. The result is a binary copy of the data.
psp_memmove() psp_base psp_string Moves a block of memory from one location to another. The two areas of memory may overlap without this causing problems as a temporary intermediate array is used.
psp_memset() psp_base psp_string Sets the specified area of memory to the defined value.
psp_strncat() psp_base psp_string Appends a string.
psp_strncmp() psp_base psp_string Compares two strings of defined length.
psp_strncpy() psp_base psp_string Copies one string of defined length to another.
psp_strnlen() psp_base psp_string Gets the length of a string.

The system does not make use of any standard PSP macros.